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It’s a crucial election season, you can drink activated charcoal (it’s actually healthy!) and hankies are no longer disgusting. What a time to be alive! Read below for some insight into what we’re keeping our eyes on this month.

Solange: Solange Knowles tends to keep a low profile. That is, until she surprises us all with an appearance or project that makes us ask why she isn’t the star of the show as often as her sister Beyonce! In the past few weeks Solange released her album ‘A Seat at the Table’ along with some beautiful videos that have us grooving along. There are powerful songs on this album that cover a wide spectrum of gender and racial equality issues. Give this funky thought-provoking album a listen on Spotify and we can all talk some more about how Solange has really made a place for herself at the table.

Bandanas: Since it was never really that cute to use hankies as a tissue (is that not disgusting??), somewhere along the line they became a fashion accessory. Around the neck, as a headband, or even around the upper arm these little swatches of fabric have a way of subtly saying ‘badass’. For bandana beginners, try folding one like this and tying loosley around your neck or around your head. Pair a hair bandana with a casual dress like the Nadia, or loosley tied neck bandana with the Off the Shoulder Top

SOSfest: Upcoming Sound On Sound Fest is the perfect place to try out the bandana look! This is the first year for this fest, so we are excited to see how it compares to the competition. If you’re an Austinite, you’ve probably heard of (or entered) at least one contest to win tickets to the fest. Acts include Phantogram, Run the Jewels, Explosions in the Sky and Purity Ring, and perfect pieces for the 3 day fest include the Marley Top, the Puebla Top, and the Sorelli Dress 

Election Day: Exercise your right to vote between now and November 8th! It’s a right that is not to be taken for granted, especially considering that not everyone, even in our country, has it. The Sammy French Top looks even cuter with an ‘I Voted’ sticker by the way.

Activated Charcoal: We have yet to actually try this one, but the idea of activated charcoal in drinks is intriguing. With cleansing properties, activated charcoal is a common ingredient in face masks but lately we’ve been seeing it on the drink menu. From Hotel San Jose’s margarita to Juice Society’s lemonade, this unexpected ingredient is causing quite a stir in the drink world.

Happy Wednesday ladies!

Live On Love Always,

The Discover LOLA Team

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