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What LOLA Likes

Welcome to What LOLA Likes! Here we will share more than just pieces we are currently loving on the site. You’ll find out what is catching our eye and inspiring us and what events we are looking forward to meeting you at. Let’s get started!

Cacti Crazy: Do yourself a favor and Google ‘cactus print’. There you will find enough of the cutest desktop backgrounds to last you a lifetime. You too can be spiny and sweet with the Cactus Tank and Tecula Romper.

Beyonce at the VMA’s: There’s a 0% chance you haven’t already seen the glory of Beyonce and Blue Ivy’s coordinated attire at the VMA’s last Sunday. But how could we write a fashion post and NOT include at least a little something about it?? Along with Blue Ivy, Beyonce also brought along the mothers of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin who were all lost to police violence. Leave it to Beyonce to slay the red carpet and make an important social and political statement. And then perform a Lemonade medley and win 8 awards… but we digress.

Patio Time: On this very last day of August, even those of us who dwell in the Southwest can feel temperatures cooling just the tiniest bit. This means more time in the day can bearably be spent outside, including the glorious hours of sunset. Find yourself a sweet patio bar that serves this and soak up the sun.

Come and See Us: Of course is open 24/7/365. But to shop in person, find us at Round Rock Market Days this Saturday (9/3), and next Thursday (9/8) at our Pop-Up Shop at Dogwood on W. 6th Street in Austin!

Happy hump-day!

Live On, Love Always,

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