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It’s easy to get in an outfit rut, where you reach for the same silhouettes and colors from your closet on a daily basis. Plus there is the familiar shopping habit of buying basically just a newer version of items that you already own. But imagine this - what if some piece that you thought would NEVER work for you just so happens to be part of your new feel good outfit? That’s what this week is all about. Dicover LOLA invites you to try a shape or silhouette you’ve been just  a little bit scared to try this season and see where the fashion tide takes you. Three new pieces on the site are perfect for sampling something new: the Jessika Pantsuit, the Zoe Romper, and the Josephine St. Dress.

Jessika Pantsuit: So many aspects of this pantsuit make it into an ‘IT’ piece : a bold paisley pattern, wide legs, plus an angular cutout below the chest work together in perfect harmony. Try the Jessika pantsuit - it’s guaranteed to feel fresh and fashionable.

Zoe Romper: If pantsuits aren’t your thing, a romper can be just as fabulous. Try a ruffled romper this summer for an added feminine touch to one of the easiest pieces that you could ever throw on in less than a minute. Bonus, the deep crimson of the Zoe romper will transition ever so sweetly into the cooler months when paired with booties, knit socks, and a denim jacket.

Josephine St. Dress: Who ever thought mock turtlenecks would come back? No matter, because now  they are back in full force in the form of tanks and dresses this summer. The Josephine St. Dress mixes a high neck with cutouts in both the front and back that are the perfect amount of sultry. This is a piece to try not only for its novel silhouette but also for its eye-catching color and pattern combo.

Spice up your life with 3 new silhouettes from Discover LOLA this week. Success comes to those who do, and that includes fashion success!

Live On, Love Always,

The Discover LOLA team

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