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Ladies, we flawless. It’s a true story Beyonce tells when she says every woman (and human for that matter) has that flawless gem inside of them. It’s easier said than done, but can you find your inner flawless? We here at Discover LOLA believe you can. It’s worth the digging to uncover, and when you do you’ll know because it’ll be so much easier to soak in that self love we all deserve. Whether you’re already feeling yourself, or you’re feeling a little more ‘meh’ than usual, we would like to provide you a little inspiration from ladies who are solid gold.

Rosa Baseball Tee: Rosa Parks, ‘the First Lady of Civil Rights’, was a game changer in the mission for civil rights. Her actions changed the course of history for the better: isn’t that something we can all aspire to? The Rosa Baseball Tee is comfy enough to wear while you are out there doing the hard work that will change the world.

Jana Dress: The Jana Dress is close enough to Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall is a woman who has been working for the greater good for decades, both for primates and humans. Goodall has a huge influence on animal rights and conservation issues and has inspired many like minded people. The Jana Dress may be a little too pretty to wear out in the field, but it’s perfect for an afternoon spent enjoying nature and breathing it all in.

These looks from Discover LOLA show off your inner gem and fuel your inner fire. Women like you have been killing the game since day 1, and that’s clearly not changing anytime soon.

Remember: ladies, we flawless.

Live On, Love Always,

The Discover LOLA Team

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