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An American in Paris

It’s no wonder Paris is an iconic place. The City of Light will leave you feeling inspired in ways you’ve never experienced - inspired to learn and read and capure that chic look and feel of the city. On an unexpectedly chilly Paris weekend, I noticed that the street style of Paris was casual yet refined. More understated than the Milanese, Parisian women tended towards darker colors, great shoes, and yes, stripes. Another classic piece that was perfectly at home was my newly purchased denim jacket that goes with just about any outfit. The Lacie Scalloped Shift Dress, plus denim jacket, plus some casual sneakers would serve you well for a day of strolling and unexpected views of the Eiffel Tower that call for a *gasp*!

One trend that I’ve spotted first in Europe, but is soon to come to the US, is the off the shoulder top. These feminine and flirty pieces can be seen all over and in every color and shape. Try your hand at the off the shoulder look with the SoCo Off Shoulder Top. Pair it with black denim and a leather jacket for when the weather turns chilly.

Stripes are always a classic pattern no matter where you are, and Discover LOLA has got stripes for days! The Rosie B Tee is a great go to for a casual day in Paris, or step it up with the Read the Lines Dress.



How I wish to go to Paris again. From the film Midnight in Paris, ‘That Paris exists and anyone could choose to live anywhere else in the world will always be a mystery to me.’

Live On Love Always.


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