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A Little Hocus Pocus

Halloween is upon us! What are you dressing up as? Halloween is the day you can be what you have always dreamed of. Whether you think you were born in the wrong decade, or you’re just ready to pretend for a night, the right costume is out there. Let us provide you some help along the way to the perfect costume, starting with the perennial favorite Witch costume.

Witch - Hocus Pocus may just be the best Halloween movie out there. Channel some early SJP and dress yourself up as a classic witch this Halloween – but mix up the boring black dress with the tie-die Roxanne Dress! Add a good pointy hat, some chunky earrings (preferably lightning bolts or spiders), the Dixie Open Toe Bootie, and some striped socks to be the baddest Witch on the block.

Modern Day Little Red Riding Hood – Oh, the innocence of Little Red. Didn’t she know the wolf was bad news?? Get your act together girl… Maybe this modern day version of Little Red Riding Hood’s cape will help her be a little more forest-savvy. The Baby It’s Cold Outside Throwover is the perfect piece; just add black leggings, a long sleeve black tee, and a basket of goodies to complete the look.

Twiggy – Can we just take a moment to thank the 1960’s for blessing us with mini-skirts? Not only are they cute as can be, but mini-skirts were a sign of changing times in favor of women’s rights. The Georgia Dress pays a little homage to Twiggy, famous for her modeling and drawn on eyelashes. Trust us, it’s cute.

Disco Queen – Disco fever is in the air! The 70’s were a pretty glamourous time, minus the shag carpet. The Sasha Red Leggings are for the sequin-crazy. Pair them with an equally bright red one shoulder top, some huge geometric earrings, and platform heels for one retro look.

When it comes times for the witching hour this year, make sure you’re not caught without a costume! Feel free to use our ideas, or come up with your own based on your favorite pieces! Stay safe and have a spooky Halloween ladies!

Live On, Love Always,

The Discover LOLA Team

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