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The LOLA Story

Let me take you back to the beginning, before Discover LOLA was a reality or even a daydream, My name is Kayla, and I am the founder of Discover LOLA. In the past years I have crafted this site as a place where women can come to shop for clothes I assure will make them feel great. Discover LOLA is my passion because it is the  place I cultivate fashion and all things beautiful. I’m grateful everyday for what I have created at Discover LOLA because the path to where I am now with my career has not always been covered in glitter. My first career at the tender age of 20 was as a funeral director, far from anything I was passionate about. This is the family business, but it was not working for me so I quit the job and dropped out of college. Basically, I hit the reset button.

I was 21 when I made my first major foray into the fashion world. When I dropped out of college I started selling jewelry at in-home trunk shows. After saving every penny from those shows, I opened a mini-boutique at a flea market. Then after a year I opened Kaymare Boutique. Let me tell you, the upgrade from flea market to Kaymare was a big jump, especially with no outside financial help. In the time I owned Kaymare, a few extreme hardships were thrown my way. After an awful divorce and losing my home, I also lost my business which I had worked so hard to make succeed. I was upset - childhood dreams of being a fashion designer seemed crushed, and now at 26 I had literally only the clothes on my back and my two loving dogs. At my lowest point I had no money, and some who I used to call friends turned their backs on me. Failure was never an option for me - I knew I had to persevere. When I realized that I would survive, that was the moment that LOLA was born.

So, I moved on from the past and began my journey of self love and self discovery. I travelled, I thought about what I wanted in life, and I tried new things. It wasn’t easy but I eventually rediscovered my passion for fashion and the rest is history. LOLA stands for LIVE ON LOVE ALWAYS, which is a mantra I live by. Even after all the high times and low times we go through as human beings, we will always live on, and love always. That’s the message I want to share here. I was just a small business owner who wanted more, and now I am cultivating a company. My difficult personal experiences early in life brought on growth that later helped me create Discover LOLA.  I hope that “live on, love always” is a sentiment you can live by too. If helps you on your journey even half as much as it helped me, then it is all worth it.

Live On, Love Always,


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