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Summertime and the living’s easy...unless you’re packing for a trip, because that’s just hard. “Will I NEED 3 pairs of skinny jeans? What about a formal evening dress because who knows if I will be swept off my feet by a lesser-known prince??” Everyone can agree that packing is no easy task unless you’re some sort of travel pro. So, we have rounded up pieces from Discover LOLA that are sure to be anything but a waste of precious suitcase space. Taking some tips from blogger Kendi Everyday and her guide to a summer abroad, we present you with LOLA Travels, a collection of the best we have to offer for all your summer travels.

  1. Key Largo Dress: A little striped dress will take you places.The Key Largo Dress is swingy and fun and pairs perfectly with just about any accessories you may pick up along the way.
  2. East Side Button Up: Basics are key to easy and stylish dressing abroad. The East Side button up is cool and cute for days spent wandering town squares and sipping coffees in cafes.
  3. LOLA Crisscross Tee: A pop of color for when you need it! This tee is the perfect amount of stand-out and perfectly wearable.
  4. Dessi Denim Shorts: A classic, and not too reveaing! These denim shorts are guaranteed to be a staple for beach days and boat trips.
  5. Marie Necklace: Since you can’t pack all your jewelry, pack the pieces that pack a punch. The Marie necklace makes a statement without overpowering that ‘Parisian Chic’ vibe you’re trying to cultivate.

And there you have it! Starting with some basics from Discover LOLA, packing for a summer trip abroad won’t be so hard after all. Enjoy your travels this summer!

Bon voyage,

The Discover LOLA team

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