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The St. Lucia Dress - A Showstopper

A day in the life of a Discover LOLA girl:

  1. Wake up
  2. Dress up
  3. Show up

There’s no better sign out total outfit success than when someone literally stops you in the street to ask where you got your dress. And that’s just what happened last week when I wore the St. Lucia dress. I would have to count on two hands then number of complements I got on the dress, from how unique it is to how flattering the cut is. As soon as I slipped the soft jersey dress on, I knew it was gonna be good day.

My first stop of the day was the KEYE studio to shoot a quick segment on Earth Day. I felt like a million bucks wearing the St. Lucia dress amongst all the local television stars.

Next up was lunch at Whole Foods, which is hot spot for the well dressed professionals about Austin. The dress was a hit there too! A few complements later, I sat down on the patio to enjoy my lunch feeling like a full blown fashion blogger enjoying her kale salad and superfood smoothie.

It’s remarkable the power of an outfit you feel beautiful and powerful in.The perfect piece has a way of making you feel like a glittering, shimmering version of yourself. That’s just how I felt in the St. Lucia dress - 110% Nickie with a splash of extra style and sultriness.

This feeling isn’t easy to come by. How many days have you said to yourself “I have nothing to wear!” It’s not because you really have no clothes, its because you don’t have the right clothes for who you are supposed to be that day (Caitlin Moran). I’ve found that with Discover LOLA, each piece feels that way. There’s always a top, a dress, and a romper for exactly who you are supposed to be today.

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