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Now rolling out: the Discover LOLA subscription service! A Discover box delivered monthly brings you a simple way to boost your style, all within a payment system based on credits. It’s easy to get started, and once you get your first Discover box you’ll be happy you did! The Discover box is like other monthly box delivery services, except you choose exactly the pieces you want included. We get it, it's tempting to fill out a survey from an online stylist who will pick pieces for you each month. Easy right?  But if we’re being honest, only you know what you love! So ditch the deliveries of clothes you’ll just never wear, and get back to being your own stylist with Discover box.

With Discover box you have the option to choose your level of luxury: Discover Box (2 credits), Allure Box, (3 credits), Jet Set box (5 credits), Lola box (6 credits), and an Add-on box (1 credit). No matter what box you choose, it will be delivered to your doorstep in ready to wear condition.

Have questions? We’ll address the big ones here -

1. How do I pay for the subscription service?

Each box has a set price in dollars, and it gets you 1,2,3,5,or 6 credits to shop with on

2. What is a credit worth?

Once you are signed up for Discover box, every item on will cost  one credit. Shop away, free of the $$$!

3. What if I don’t use all the credits I receive that month?

Not to worry, credits never expire. They will simply roll over into the month when you find a piece you love.

If you’re still not picking up what we’re putting down send us a line at

So friends, it's time you took the “I have nothing to wear!” struggle into your own hands and sign up for Discover box. Get fresh and fun clothes you already love delivered to your door every month and say adieu to a wardrobe that gives you more sads than glads.

Sign up for Discover box here!

Live On, Love Always,

The Discover LOLA team

10% off your first purchase for signing up